Shameless Alainitiju………..

Odun melo ni mo ti fi l’o o ju Drink-Spittle ati Ole Alainitiju, t’o l’o nitori re l’o bi’nu ni’waju OLUWA? Sh’o l’o o ti bi’nu ni’waju Eleda mi?

L’ehin iwe t’o wa l’oke yi, ti o ba d'Ogun, it’s OFFICIAL. That thou art The Most Shame to…

Unless thou, O Jesus Christ, has at the very least since the year 2000 AD been dead — and therefore has absolutely nothing to do with all The Evil and The Wickedness that The Church mostly and Christianity mostly has wreaked upon my life, and therefore has both The Church…

Until the day that all Nigerians and all Fraudurians and all the Pyrates that are of the Pyrates Confraternity that is also known as the National Association of Seadogs, and that I today know as the Pyrates Confraomugo and the Pyrates Confraoponu and the Pyrates Confraimbeciles;

until the day that…

Generation of PawLawPawLaws:

Even if it be only two left that The LORD will be proud of enough to call His Manes,

History will have to repeat itself.

There is no cunny-cunny Heaven that will be blessing any SauLawSauLaw for me.

And I am not weeping over cowards and fools that cannot learn even from History that is less than four months old.

— Ikoro Iyineleda; 10th of January, 2022.


Thou art not known as an ancient city for no reason.

Because thou hast done this,

Cursed art thou and all that is the Yorubas into becoming the Yorupe that will have each and absolutely every one of all its men and its women and its children use all…

Saka has a goal against Man City?

How most exceedingly amusing! Since when did footballs begin to score goals?

And since when did Man U become Man City? Una natives don desert you?

They usually know better than to “snap" more than N50 where you do not hesitate to “snap"…

People who leave messages on Facebook to loved ones in Heaven invariably say: “Wish you were here!” Never “Wish I were there!”

— Thomas Cole.

Interesting. You may say that they’re saying, whether or not they know it:

“Wish you were here in certainty;”

rather than,

“Wish I were there…

Wasn’t cigarette smoking once officially believed to be most beneficial to your health?

Educated people have most usually been “mumus,” and the vast majority — even if not all — of the fools “set in many high places” have always been educated people. Thus the evidence upon evidence that has…

That the words below of mine were instantly deleted from LinkedIn the second I placed it there, let therefore the words below in all its entirety come to pass — by All The Mercy of The Grace of He that Avenges the weak of his adversary…………

And there will be…

The ward below was instantly after it was posted, on the two occasions of its being posted; deleted from Gab — by those that are not only striving to protect the murderer known as Professor Victor Lasebikan, but that are striving also to conceal the most grievous evil that has…

Ikoro Iyineleda

writer, intellectual, chartered accountant - in view, consultant psychiatrist - in view, professor in Psychiatry - in the making.

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