A Word From The LORD: A Word From GOD: By His Ward: Woe Unto This Generation……..

Merely because of a few minutes on Zoom this afternoon, in what is ordinarily meant to be the privacy of my room; a woman had this to say,

“We were displaying naked pictures, now we’re displaying pictures of a poverty-stricken man.”

I don’t flaunt my poverty-stricken status, Woman; unlike that which thou art wont to do with thy breasts and thighs and buttocks. But I believe thou will gain more weight between thy ears if thou goes through the following post — which was placed on Quora late last year, and which obviously is one of the reasons Quora decided to delete my account (and all the wards I had on it, that had not just one person state clearly that mine is wisdom greater than that of both Solomon The Preacher and Jesus The Christ) on its web-site………….

Two decades after thou all obviously saith of me,

“Who made thee prince and ruler (over us?)”

thou obviously has lived up to the threat with which thou denied then whatever rule or princehood thou saw, when thou saith;

“We wilt kill all thy relatives!!”

by having all The Wrath with which my guilt was justified by The Heavens, be accompanied both by the words;

“Does that mad man still believe he has become anything?”

and by the curse being instantly then laid on “Dotun Sanda.”

Thus, I will advise thee all to clap for thyselves. In sane societies bred on sane cultures, and with absolutely none wanting due to cowardice; bullies in positions of authority are treated with contempt and disdain — even when not with the scorn and the derision that had Fela give their ilk the name, “Vagabonds In Power.”

Thus, The “Most Hypocrite” that I today know the God of Christianity as — He Being most obviously the God of The Heavens that has, for almost a year now (even if not more) sought to use all The Powers of The Heavens to bully me into declaring myself Christian. If girls and women can pound their breasts as lesbians proclaiming lesbianism in The Church, whilst there is to be not even electricity in my apartment (literally!! and not merely figuratively — as was the case at Mato) that I be then in all its entirety dumb — due to The Bullying that had one of Its instances be as a consequence of my intentions of having the batteries of my electronic gadgets charged, at an expense that has absolutely nothing to do with an apartment rented in the year 2019 AD — then I will be extremely grateful for a more appropriate designation for The Most High Authority of The Church; than “The Most Hypocrite” I am yet to begin to address Him as in prayer.

Clap for thyselves. Thou has justified in all its entirety the “terrorism” with which thou for ages was able to condemn Mohammed. For, today (after at the very least, a decade — even if not two — of my being mostly (even if not in all its entirety) afflicted by the hands of Christianity) I see no other in The Church but prostitutes, armed robbers, drunkards, and delinquents — these being ilk like unto those ever forgiven by Jesus whilst he was on earth, on the basis of all others being The Hypocrite I today know the God of his Church as.

Seest thou now the apartment wherein I live?! after fourteen years of working with the Oyo State Post-Primary Schools Teaching Service Commission, as a senior civil servant?! after “rising” to become officially a Grade Level Twelve civil servant?! after a first-class admission into the Masters in Business Administration class of the University of Ibadan?! after the colours I am “officially” and as far as I know supposed to be flying — and that have absolutely nothing to do with the colours thou seeth in that room (The Evil Subtilty of Cunning that is Christianity seeks even now to use the colours thou seeth in the apartment to accuse me even now of being anything other than the Lazarus it would The Blind and The Naive believe it favours with anything other than the words — at its best, “Go in peace; be warmed, and filled.”) Seest thou now the apartment wherein I live?! all because I dared to say of myself,

“I was not born to die.”

That thou obviously then may have nothing else in thee but to say unto me,

“Thou wilt not become anything!!”

Seest thou now the apartment wherein I live?! as the none that has none, and that even then is despoiled of the nothing he has?! as the destitute known as John Doe by all you hypocrites!! that looked up to thee for pity, but there was none; and for comforters, but he found none!!

That is the apartment wherein I live; wherein I lived with my dog, Victory. And that The Covetousness characteristic of Christianity envies to the extent of flinging Victory from the floor on which it is, to the ground below — all in thy bid to ascertain my being known as never having been anything.

I repeat: clap for thyselves!! Even as thou has for centuries derided The LORD, by clapping for the “entertainer” Jesus is deemed by thee all to be. Because, if thou now can deny not the desolation made out of all that is my life — if (even after all I have referred to — which is but a tenth and less of the talents given me by my Creator) the apartment thou sees here is the best thou has given me; who then is The Imbecile that keeps on insisting I do nothing but wallow in nothing else but breasts, and buttocks, and vulvas, and phalluses — if not The Comedian/Clown/Entertainer of The Century thou all on thy own part are?!

Thou has made thy point. Thou has The Power — and have no other thing!! As thou has proven by the even more pictures I intended to upload here — and that thou proved thy Power by refusing their appearance on the world wide web. Unlike thee, however; I am never and will never be a faceless coward. And I denounce all that of thee that I can see with my last breath. And I denounce Christianity with my last breath. And I repeat irrevocably unto thee all:

After the death of my dog, Victory;

bi emi ti e ri olutunu:

there’s a code of honour

amongst men.

Iwo a wa nlati pa emi,

Ikoro Iyineleda;

ti oga o ba ni gba

fun omo ise.

- Ikoro Iyineleda; Being No One, A Man Of No Importance (31st of December, 2019).

Post-Script: Each and every passing second, and even more reasons for me to keep on cursing this generation.

— Ikoro Iyineleda; being,

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(15th of July, 2020).

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