After over fifteen years of having paid me peanuts that could have me do nothing other than live from hand to mouth, the Oyo State Government now intends to have me paid a miserly N39,000 per month that cannot have me even live thus. In this day and age when a “room and parlour self-contained” apartment can go for N400,000 at Iwo Road in Ibadan, I am now supposed to live on a pension that cannot even take me from hand to mouth.

I just thank my Creator that I retired relatively early from this toxic appointment. Had I retired at the sixty or the sixty-five years of age that’s supposed to be retirement age for high school teachers, I wonder how then my aged bones would have been able to survive on such a miserly stipend.

May The LORD GOD lay a most grievous curse on the entirety of Oyo State, for striving to have over fifteen years of my life end up as a waste.

— Ikoro Iyineleda; 16th of September, 2022.



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Ikoro Iyineleda

writer, intellectual, chartered accountant - in view, consultant psychiatrist - in view, professor in Psychiatry - in the making.