Ikoro Iyineleda
3 min readJun 10, 2024

All the olodo nit-wits that have stalked me all the way from Alegongo in Ibadan to Bode-Wasinmi also in Ibadan, all the olodo nit-wits in Ibadan that have been stalking me for the past twenty years and more, all the wannabe photocopies of Ikoro Iyineleda that cannot think of anything else to do with their lives but that which I do with mine, all of them are now scampering about looking for whose certificate to plunder, all so they can apply to the University of Suffolk for an online MBA — all because they see I’m running an online MBA at the University of Suffolk.

They can’t even think of another university to apply to. That’s how much of imbeciles they all are. They can’t even think of another programme to apply for. That’s how much of morons they all are. But all because they see that I’m running an online MBA at the University of Suffolk, they all now have been plundering the innocent of certificates — so as to be able to claim they also are educated and have studied enough to be accepted into a Master of Business Administration programme.

Meanwhile, one of the Christian churches that stalked me all the way from Alegongo to Bode-Wasinmi (even as churches have been stalking me all over Ibadan for almost twenty years now, if not more) has gone ahead to declare this morning that it will “go its own way, after he has been raped into being HIV-positive.”

This was the same thing that was uttered in Alegongo that had me leave that damned and accursed neighbourhood — after one of the men that had been raping me there shouted, in broad daylight and to the hearing of all Alegongo, that “it is now until he becomes HIV-positive.” In other words, the raping was to continue until I became HIV-positive.

It was on a Sunday, with all the churches gathered around the neighbourhood definitely being able to hear what that rapist in particular said — proving once more that The Church is behind the raping and other atrocities that I have shouldered as burden for over two decades now.

The Church and Yorubaland.

There’re two things now that these evil people that have been destroying my life for over two decades use hypnosis to do, in their bid to in all its entirety render me ruined. They rape me, and they plunder of me my works.

I have noticed that the battery of my phone will be almost in all its entirety dead, for the past two days — after I wake up from sleep in the morning. And it took me till this morning to realise that it is these evil stalkers and destroyers that have been using my own phone to plunder of me my works, probably because — even as it is said — plunder with their own electronic devices is not in all its entirety successful anymore, since the plunder can be traced back to the phone or laptop or whatever other electronic device used.

Thus now they hypnotise me into deep sleep, into opening the door of my apartment for them — and they then go through the works I have on the web, using my own phone, to see what next to steal from me.

Do lay curses on these Nigerian evil for me. They, most especially in Yorubaland, will claim it is because they don’t want another Boko Haram issue that they had me locked up at home by preventing me from becoming a part of any school of thought — despite my purported membership of the Pyrates Confraternity and the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC). But if they don’t deserve another Boko Haram issue, why then are they so afraid of it — to the extent where they’ll have me locked up with such cunning. If they don’t all now deserve to be beheaded by Boko Harams upon Boko Harams, then obviously there’s no justice at all in all of creation.

Do lay curses upon curses upon them all for me. That is the only way, for now, that I can receive any justice — at least, until I can leave their damned and accursed land.

— Ikoro Iyineleda; 10th of June, 2024.

Ikoro Iyineleda

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