Pre-Script: The ward below was within seconds of its being posted instantly deleted of my LinkedIn page, due to the obvious rising adherence of LinkedIn to the Slavery Of Speech presently worshiped by Facebook with most fanatical passion.

Those that have the time and the patience to go through the ward should ask of themselves whether it should actually have been removed, or taken as evidence enough to have LinkedIn call in the law.

Thieving bastards, has thou gone through enough of my property to see which of my possessions can be once more plundered of me?

The mentally deficient retard will even now insist that the “heavy” hold-up from Orita-Bashorun to Alegongo-Akobo this evening — that had it take over two hours to get back to Akobo after a fifteen minute trip from Akobo to Bashorun, whilst I suffered under a barrage of the usual insults and abuse and ridicule and derision — was definitely not concocted by all you shameless thieves, and was definitely not to give you all enough time to see which of my property can once again be plundered, or which of the nudity of my room can be used to destroy even more of the life of mine that already has been rendered desolate.

Keep up with the cunning with which thou has imbeciles believe thou has absolutely nothing to do with thieving. I do not call thee Frauduria for no reason. And if only you all were not Christians.

The lawlessness of thy way obviously has given you all the right, has it not? For I am not only to turn the other cheek, but to joyfully accept also the plundering of my property.

Almost twenty years after thou had me know, “We will kill all thy relatives,” thou obviously has plundered enough out of his “powerful” relatives to have it be The Church now that will eventually “clear the hold-up” — after I let two of the shameless whore-sees you keep on sending know this,

“I’m not calling you. I hate you.”

The imbecile set in many high places will by now have heard thy witnessing to the effect that the “clearing” was another of thy Christian acts of “charity.” Thou art giving back to society, art thou not? Giving 0.005% of the goods plundered back to the victim of thy shameless plunder.

And therefore,

May Christianity leave its name to Masculinism

for a curse,

and may The LORD GOD slay The Church

and the Yorubas

and the Ogboni.

— Ikoro Iyineleda; 30th of August, 2021.

writer, intellectual, chartered accountant - in view, consultant psychiatrist - in view, professor in Psychiatry - in the making.