That the words below of mine were instantly deleted from LinkedIn the second I placed it there, let therefore the words below in all its entirety come to pass — by All The Mercy of The Grace of He that Avenges the weak of his adversary…………

And there will be a loud cry in this generation, for (except in Islam, and in Israel, and in Masculinism, and in the clan due to which the question was asked at least once — that, “How many of his clan is left alive?”) there will be not one house wherein they will be not all dead.

And therefore, in the open;

The Sword shall bereave:

and in the chambers shall be Terror —

destroying both young man and virgin,

the suckling child with the man of grey hairs.

For the iniquity of The Church

shall not and will not

be expiated by sacrifice

or offering,

for ever and for ever.

Whether this generation goes by the name,

twentieth century;

or by the name,

twenty-first century;

or by whichever other name it may bear:

it shall leave its name to I and all that is mine for a Curse;

and I and all mine shall keep on remembering the name,

that we then may ever more lay The Curse on this generation.

And the following is that which is left of that which I can recollect of the ward instantly deleted off LinkedIn — all in the bid of The Most Evil, The Most Vile, The Most Damned, and The Most Accursed of all generations to have the truth be covered up of the most grievous evil that has ever been wreaked upon a human being…….

Do please try to bring an end to thy making thy shamelessly brain-dead imbecility be most evident with the relentless lack of remorse that has thee keep on threatening the lives of they that would be followers of mine, had they not been misled by the snairs and the pits and the nets wrought by all thee at the behest of thy Lord and Serpent Jesus Christ. Or is the murder of my father Akinade Olumuyiwa Sanda at the University College Hospital in Ibadan not enough to place enough of an inkling of intelligence between thy obviously deafened ears to have thee realise the shamelessly remorseless lack of absolutely any reason whatsoever for the killing of they that are mine but thy having to pound thy chests as the brain-dead barbarians thou all art? Had thou absolutely any other reason, would thou not have long-since killed me — rather than kill they thou sees to be mine; even as I asked of thee whilst my father was at the University College Hospital wherein thou had him slain?

And if thou even now lacks that which thou needs to take my life, do please begin then to wage war upon He that is my Rock and my Fortress — rather than on those that being mine has all thou with the serpentine cunning woven by thy Lord and Serpent Jesus Christ mislead into seeing the like of the hatred and the disdain thou had my father see during the week thou had his being placed on admission at the University College Hospital end with the curse thou saith was to send his body and I off the earth. Or do I not wage war on the Jesus Christ that most obviously is the strength of thy justification of all the evil thou has wreaked upon my life? Do I not render both him and all his house accursed for being too much of a Fool to know enough of the value of A Good Name to avoid The Brain-Dead Folly that has him keep on accepting wickedness of the least conscience and evil of the most vile — all on the basis of having to be “kind,” and therefore forgive always absolutely any wickedness and evil; however remorselessly evil may be the transgression? Or does thou even today see me breaking up the cyber-cafes wherein The Fraud that is the culture of The Frauduria adored by all thee once was the venue of a great number of The Fraud that makes Frauduria a nation?

Do please therefore wage war upon The LORD that is my Rock and my Fortress. He obviously is not thine, otherwise thou never would have had thy empty-headed pounding of thy chests brag of thy having been waging war upon Him for a long while — and thou never would have confessed to thy being desperately in need of His never being brought to the knowledge of the evil thou has wreaked upon my life.

Do please therefore wage war upon GOD. He obviously is not thine either, otherwise thou never would have openly bragged of being ready to wage war upon Him — even as thou often has stated clearly that thou art ready to wage war upon all those thou sees to be with me.

Do please therefore wage war upon He Who Being The Omnipotent and The Omnipresent and The Omniscient and The Almighty and The Just and Right is my Creator. Thou obviously has absolutely nothing to do with Him, for He can have absolutely nothing to do with the utter lack of remorse that has be most evident the immeasurable depths of thy wickedness and of thy evil.

But do please try to place an iota of shame between thy ears, and take no more thy impotent Hatred of my spitting out of all thy wickedness and evil on the lives of they thou sees to be mine. If thou can kill me not, as I often have asked of thee (and I no longer ask whether thou can — I Laugh rather at the serpentine cunning of the most evident Folly that has thee keep on searching for a means via which to justify and get away with it all) then begin then to wage war upon my Creator, and upon The LORD, and upon GOD. Or has thou not run thy mouths often enough before me to have me know thou will wage war on any that is mine? Does thou then have to wage war upon any but He that is my Rock and my Fortress? Do I still wage war upon the cyber-cafes that once most definitely were the most obvious dens of The Fraud upon which thy culture is built? Do I not wage war rather on thy Lord and Serpent Jesus Christ that most obviously is he only (of Moses, and Mohammed, and Ikoro Iyineleda) that will rather have The Good Name destroyed due to his having to be “kind,” and his having to be not judged; than that he desist from accepting The Brain-Dead Folly of Imbecilic Wickedness and Evil like unto that which thou being has thee fear neither GOD nor The LORD? Or why does thou have to take it out on those thou sees to be with me, most especially when thou art certain that the desperately devious evil cunning of thy Lord and Serpent Jesus Christ has misled them into believing they can be both his and mine? Or what manner of Mentally-Retarded Dull Lad even now believes that — all because we all have to be “kind" — the cruelty should be neither judged nor condemned nor requited that had it be said that a human being that even when possibly still alive (even if then also unconscious) was “incinerated" at the University of Ibadan?

Do please therefore wage war on He that is my Rock and my Fortress, PLEASE; rather than on they that are mine — if thou despite all my pleas?/taunts can even now take not my life. I on my own part will keep on waging war on that Ancient Serpent that is thy Lord and Justification of All Sin Jesus Christ. And thou if thou will can be then More Runs enough to believe it only is with the following words………

Be Accursed, O Christ;

and may The Name of The LORD have absolutely nothing more to do with thee.

Be Accursed, O Christ;

by all that is righteous and holy and good.

Be Accursed, O Christ;

whenever, wherever.

Be Accursed, O Christ;

anywhere, anywhen.

Be Accursed, O Christ;

in whichever century, in whichever universe.

Be Accursed, O Christ;

be it in All The Heavens, or on the earth, or under the earth.

Be Accursed, O Christ;

and may The Name of The LORD have absolutely nothing more to do with thee.


I thank my Creator. I praise The LORD.

It makes two now that are said to have ended up in The Hell that The Church had prepared for I and my father Akinade Olumuyiwa Sanda, even should one of the two be there of his own volition.

One of the two being The God that at Iwo Road in Ibadan most especially, sought to impose Christianity upon me with the brazen bullying even of the most terrible storms of thunder and lightning. Appears now to have been marched as clay into Hell.

And the second being their Lord and Serpent Jesus Christ himself. Said now to have gone to plead with his underlings in Hell to desist from the affliction and the torment of I (and they that are mine).

May they all that is almost in all its entirety The Church keep on stumbling therefore by the hands of The Guilt made evident by the words above to perish in the accursed fate that they who laid the snairs and dug the pits and set the nets that had my father be told at the point of death “Sorry but they say you’re going to Hell-Fire” wished for I and my father.

That it appears as though their deceit and their misleading eventually found my father guilty, it appears also as though I then will instead of my father be in the Hell wherein I’ll have their Lord and Serpent Jesus Christ know even more definitely that,



l’abe ile;

mi o ni gba ebe.”

Anywhere. Anywhere.

Wherever. Whenever.

Thou being Jesus Christ will kneel with tears before the body of my father Akinade Olumuyiwa Sanda, before thou can deign to begin to have thine believe it is thee and not my Creator that will deliver me from the torment and the afflictions of Hell.

— Ikoro Iyineleda; 17th of November, 2021.

writer, intellectual, chartered accountant - in view, consultant psychiatrist - in view, professor in Psychiatry - in the making.