Ikoro Iyineleda
Sep 23, 2022

The Oyo State Secretariat is even now trying to justify how a Grade Level Thirteen civil servant could have laboured for it for over fifteen years — only to be paid a maximum of a N100,000 per month as salary, and a pension eventually of N39,000 per month. In this day and age when even a pair of shoes can cost N25,000! when a one-bedroom apartment can cost N400,000!

In accepting from a leper a handshake of a fake salary, I believe it wants to give now coitus of a fake pension.

— Ikoro Iyineleda; 21st of September, 2022.

Ikoro Iyineleda

writer, intellectual, chartered accountant - in view, consultant psychiatrist - in view, professor in Psychiatry - in the making.