Ikoro Iyineleda
5 min readJun 12, 2024

The Yoruba tribe has not exhausted all the cunning with which it would it destroy my life. In addition to hypnotising me into being a victim of rape, it also devices the cunningly conceived plots with which it has me hypnotised — whilst I’m asleep, of course — into walking around the neighbourhood where I live, naked; or even sitting, naked, in the vicinity of that neighbourhood that is getting now to be as accursed as Alegongo.

Yesterday night, it did all that and more. It also ransacked the house wherein I live, painstakingly going through each and every nook and cranny to see what I have, or what I could boast of. And it did worse, because — by midday — it began to gather the choicest of rams throughout Orita-Bashorun, with which it would that it beg the God that I worship for whatever transgression it had inflicted upon me.

This night, it then gathered all manner of juvenile delinquents in the vicinity of the neighbourhood wherein I live at Bashorun, having them make their delinquent and shameless noise in the early evening — as though they intended to lynch me. All because I placed it on the world wide web that the truth that the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) even now refuses to accept is that the present President of Nigeria (Bola Ahmed Tinubu) led the gang that plundered of me my Rosicrucian monographs. This plunder left me in the present helpless position that I am in today, that has all my possessions be property of the public, and that has even primary school juvenile delinquents capable of hurling stinging insults at me. Valuable books of mine are taken from my library to be read with no permission of mine, and most often these books are not even returned — as though there’re no bookshops or libraries that these kleptomaniacs can patronise. And only The LORD can tell how many of my works have in all its entirety been plundered of me. All because of an evil God in Heaven that keeps on laughing at the possibility of my becoming anything, that would even flare up at the possibility of my travelling to the United States to study further, that has the evil Yoruba therefore thronging after His evil.

I place the curse below upon The Church and the Yoruba nation each and every day, morning and night. If you have been following my writings, and not as they do that keep on stalking me, then do recite this prayer at least once a day — or once a week — to have The LORD that I worship requite this evil people over the wrong they have done me……….


Thou art not known as an ancient city for no reason.

Because thou hast done this,

Cursed art thou and all that is The Yorubas into becoming The Most Accursed tribe and people and nation that ever was, and that now is the Yorupe that will have each and absolutely every one of all its men and its women and its children use all that is morning and afternoon and evening and night to heap sand upon the bodies of all its fathers and its mothers and its daughters and its sons with the words,

“Vanity upon Vanity,

Ashes to Ashes,

Dust to Dust;”

that the foreigner then may say unto all those bodies,

“Cursed to Cursed.”


Thou art not for no reason known as an ancient city. And because thou hast done this, thou and that Ancient Serpent Jesus Bastard is therefore rendered Accursed —

Irretrievably, Irredeemably, and Irrevocably;

by The Very Word of my Creator, and of The LORD, and of GOD, and of The Omnipotent, and of The Omnipresent, and of The Omniscient, and of The Almighty and The Just and Right.

Thou wilt worship thy Ancient Serpent Jesus Bastard. Thou wilt cry out unto him that is that Ancient Serpent Jesus Christ, The Most Evil, The Most Wicked, The Most Merciless, The Most Shameless, The Most Cunning, and The Most Lawless; and he will hear thee,

that thou and all that is The Church and Christianity may be then hungry,

that thou and all that is The Church and Christianity may be then thirsty,

that thou and all that is The Church and Christianity may be then put to Shame,

that thou and all that is The Church and Christianity may then cry out for pain of heart,

and that thou and all that is The Church and Christianity may then wail for anguish of spirit.

Thou and all that is the Yorubas wilt bury all thy men of grey hairs as though they lived all life as no more than foetuses. Thou all in Yorubaland wilt bury all thy kings in palaces known as Arifin. They all being thy kings and being therefore Yoruba wilt henceforth wear only Ade Asan. Their subjects will sleep with their Oloris — be the subject servant, slave, or soldier. Their sons and all thy children being Yoruba wilt be all bastards that thou all will never get to know. And all thy daughters and all thy mothers will be prostitutes that will beg with weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth that their wares be patronised.

Thou all being of the land of Yoruba and of Ibadanland wilt look upon the bodies of all thy fathers and thy mothers and thy brothers and thy sisters swelling on the streets, and thy eyes wilt look on and fail with longing for them all the day, and it shall not be in the power of thy hand to prevent the stench and the abhorrence that will thereby come about.

And thou all wilt cry out unto all that is neither of the Yorubas, nor of Christianity, nor of The Church; and thou wilt wail with the words,

“Who did we offend?”

And there will be answer neither from All That Is The Heavens, nor of the earth, nor under the earth;

for thou art The Imbecile and The Lunatic and The Fool that trusts only in the abundance of his Cunning and seeks refuge only in his Might.

And thy Iniquity

shall not and will not

be expiated by sacrifice

or offering

for ever and for ever.

— Ikoro Iyineleda; 12th of June, 2024.

Ikoro Iyineleda

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