Ikoro Iyineleda
1 min readDec 6, 2022

They killed three cats of mine, an innumerable number of my dogs (including a dearly beloved German Shepherd), a friend that I knew as Eddie Adupeyi, and my father Professor Akinade Olumuyiwa Sanda. They turned all that is my possession into public property; robbed, crippled, plundered, and destroyed of the proceeds of my labour; became monitoring spirits that turned all that is my movements into a reality television entertainment show via the sternest of all surveillance, and use this surveillance to mock, deride, and ridicule my life on radio and television programmes — and via public address systems in the neighbourhoods wherein I have dwelt in Ibadan. They do more, they do worse; and then — when I’m passing by them — they mutter, “Oh, he’s the one that abuses us on the internet.”

Bastards that deserve capital punishment with absolutely no mercy, now muttering because their evil is being condemned on the internet.

— Ikoro Iyineleda; 6th of December, 2022.

Ikoro Iyineleda

writer, intellectual, chartered accountant - in view, consultant psychiatrist - in view, professor in Psychiatry - in the making.