This is a reaction to the YouTube video “Do You Like It? Baby’s Reaction (Nigerian Lesbians)” placed on the YouTube channel, The Kachis. It came as a consequence of a statement made by one of those in the video, and it is as follows………

“In Ikadan, it is 'Go to your hotel.’

Over here, it is “Go to your Pornhub.' “

The comment was deleted the instant I posted it, by those that keep on imposing on me the Slavery Of Speech with which they strive to ever see in me the gullible Christ that accepted a destruction of his life in a manner similar to that of mine. It is placed here because I don’t know where else on the internet my wards can be safe, apart from on Medium — probably.

And I will like to add to those wards, these…….

About a decade ago, you built your lesbian Heaven — literally — and courtesy of the guinea pig thy generation has spent how many decades now making out of a human being.

Today — and courtesy of that same guinea pig — thou has not only all manner of Heavens, but a civilisation said to be the most advanced ever. However, as for the human being made guinea pig? Whose nudity you used to advance to such heights? That lives life now as the only villager in a town of mostly and officially illiterate natives — despite the fact that he also has worked for both graduate and post-graduation certificates?

Oh, the only thing thou believes him deserving of are the trite remarks with which thou has him know he was never wanted on earth.

The hatred that thou, O Woman, has ever had for me is ever since the days of that song, Doo-Wop (That Thing). Ever since then — and mayhaps even before then — that’s all I’ve been to thee. A thing. Non-human. Kini’yun.

I hate Woman today with ten times as fervid passion. And the trite remarks often issuing out of the mouth of this senseless gender that can never know the shoes a man is meant to be in, whenever she sees the man as emasculated, is one of the reasons behind my hatred of Woman.

There are others.

Thus, a woman nearer my age — or even slightly older — can look at me and say, “Go to your hotel?”

And the foolish girls in this video can look at me also and say, “Go to your Pornhub?”

Because my nudity is enough of public property to have them both know I can douse the flames of passion only by either visiting brothels or watching porn?

I hate thee, O thou Woman.

— Ikoro Iyineleda; 30th of August, 2021.

writer, intellectual, chartered accountant - in view, consultant psychiatrist - in view, professor in Psychiatry - in the making.