Ikoro Iyineleda
2 min readMay 22, 2024

To whom it may concern, my name is Ikoro Iyineleda, and no longer Adedotun Sanda.

The cheats, thieves, and scoundrels in the Ikadan you all know as Ibadan keep on propagating their lies about me………

They say now that I’m not a professor’s son, and that my father is not Chief (Professor) Akinade Olumuyiwa Sanda.

They once used to say that I did not finish from any school, and that all I have is a birth certificate. Before then, they would say that all I have is a high school certificate. Now that it’s obvious that I ran a post-graduate diploma programme in Financial Management at the Obafemi Awolowo University, they claim now that all the certificates I’ve earned ever since I graduated with my first degree from the Obafemi Awolowo University have been fake certificates. In other words, all those institutions I earned those certificates at, kept on giving me fake certificates. And thus, they indirectly implicate all the schools I’ve attended throughout my entire life — including even the school wherein I’m presently running an MBA programme.

And need I add, that apart from being cheats and thieves and petty scoundrels, Ibadan people are also the filthiest of all rapists. Be it their men or their women, be it their children or their adults, both indigenes and residents of that accursed land rape at the slightest sign of their having more power than the intended rape victim. Thus, you’d better watch over your children very carefully, once they live in that town — even should they be as much as youth corpers.

See the denizens of the land up above, the petty thieves, interested only in plundering and not working. The LORD already knows the sort of identity theft they’re keen on, now that they’re interested in my certificates.

— Ikoro Iyineleda; 22nd of May, 2024.

Ikoro Iyineleda

writer, intellectual, chartered accountant - in view, consultant psychiatrist - in view, professor in Psychiatry - in the making.