Ikoro Iyineleda
3 min readSep 1, 2023


Twelve midnight on the second of September, 2023; and the illiterate occult group of Nihinlola Sanda that has been major amongst those that have been raping me in the accursed land of Ibadan is busy running its mouth, whilst drumming and singing in a distance not too far from where I lie down in bed in my father’s house.

Yesterday morning, just before I took my bath, I noticed a slight and painful cut near my anus that obviously came about due to my having been violently raped by these goons of Nihinlola Sanda. I have also spoken of the blood that gushes out of my rectum atimes, when I use the toilet; all due to these infernal beasts that have for weeks now been having carnal knowledge of me without my knowing when or how the deed takes place.

Now these beasts sing in the distance, bragging of their intending to rape me as soon as I fall into a sleep that with their evil powers they have turn out into a very heavy sleep. A sleep that has me unable to know anything of the rape I’m being afflicted with until the rape is over and I wake up from sleep.

I realise Nihinlola Sanda has been stalking me ever since the second time I moved away from my father’s house, this time into a rented apartment at Kute in Ibadan. This occult group of hers pursued me there then, over a decade ago; and — despite all my fervent prayers then— would hypnotise me as I sleep during the night into joining in their revelry, with not an iota of the memory when I awoke of the evil thereby being visited upon me.

Ever since then, Nihinlola Sanda has been using occult groups of hers to stalk me each and every time that I move away from my father’s house. Whilst I was studying for my Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Management at the Obafemi Awolowo University, this evil second wife of my father’s pursued me to OAU to begin delivering messages on campus during late hours — messages meant to derail me from my academics. To her disappointed consternation, The LORD was with me, and I graduated from that programme with the highest grades in my class.

However, now this evil woman can boast of having destroyed of my lofty intents for life. I have been granted admission to study for an MBA programme five times now. I am yet to get an MBA degree. For one reason or the other. Be it due to having dropped out, as I did from the University of Ibadan School of Business — after my having been granted admission with the highest grades in the admissions process. Or be it due to my being financially incapable, and therefore not being able to take advantage of the admission I was granted by the University of Central Lancashire and the Hult International Business School. And the evil Nihinlola Sanda is laughing her brains off.

Now, her plot revolves around having her goons rape me each and every night, after I go to bed; without my being able to prove the rape, due to the cunning of the occult. Obviously that I may be then thereby infected with diseases as terrible as HIV/AIDS.

The world loves talking about the predicament of female victims of rape. Here is a male victim of rape, being sexually afflicted day and night due to the unyielding evil of a woman, and the world keeps looking on.

What this woman is doing, what her evil goons are doing, deserves a capital punishment. And that is the naked truth.

1 AM on the morning of the second of September, 2023; and they all are even yet running their mouths, singing and drumming, waiting for me to fall asleep, that they may keep on with the evil of their afflicting me.



Ikoro Iyineleda

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